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Cindy Margolis

Cynthia Dawn "Cindy" Margolis (born October 1, 1965[1]) is an American glamour spokesmodel and actress.

Margolis was born in Los Angeles, California of Jewish heritage.[2] According to an interview in Playboy, her career began with a business class project on greeting cards at California State University, Northridge, where she produced cards with a photograph of herself wearing lingerie and including her phone number.[3] Her modeling career took off when agents started asking about the woman on the cards. She has modeled in advertising for companies such as Reebok, Vidal Sassoon, Coors, Frederick's of Hollywood, Hanes, and Sunkist. She was Miss Makita Power Tools 1986 and did appearances at woodworking trade shows.

Margolis was married to restaurateur Guy Starkman. Following in-vitro fertility treatment, she gave birth to a son Nicholas Isaac in 2002. Twin daughters Sabrina and Sierra were born in 2005 via a surrogate mother. She and Starkman separated in 2008.[4]

Among late night television viewers, she is best known as an infomercial co-presenter including work with Tony Robbins and Don Lapre. Margolis also appeared briefly as one of Barker's Beauties in 1995 on the game show The Price Is Right. She also appeared as a fembot in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. She had a late night Saturday talk show in 2000 called The Cindy Margolis Show, which was filmed in Miami Beach.

Margolis emerged as a star in the early days of the Internet. She was named Yahoo! Internet Life magazine's "Queen of the Internet" from 1996-1999. She also found her way into the 2000 Guinness Book of World Records as a result of being the "most downloaded" person in 1999 - a statistic that has no way of being accurately measured.[citation needed] At the age of 34, the peak of her popularity, Margolis was downloaded 70,000 times in a span of 24 hours.

On December 5, 2000, Danni Ashe beat Margolis' record. Guinness World Records awarded Danni Ashe the title "Most downloaded woman on the Internet" when they confirmed Danni's image had been downloaded over a billion times. Danni Ashe was the first person in history to officially reach this milestone.

In November 2005, Margolis teamed up with the World Poker Tour to become the new hostess for Chipleaders. In an April 2006 interview with The Washington Post, Margolis discussed her nude photo session for the December 2006 issue of Playboy, saying that she had posed for Playboy many times in the past, but never completely nude. She cited her good looks at age 40 and wanting to be an inspiration to mothers and women her age as the reason she chose to finally pose nude. "It will be fun to go up against the 20-year-olds and show them that they don't have anything on me!" she told the AP. In an interview with EXTRA! she said that Desperate Housewives had been an inspiration for her as it showed that mothers her age can also be fit and sexy. Margolis' nude pictorial was published in the December 2006 issue of Playboy. A portion of the proceeds from issues sold will go to a charity for which Margolis is a spokesperson, Resolve. The charity aims to get fertility treatment better covered by insurance companies.[3]

Margolis posed for a second Playboy pictorial for the July 2008 issue. The pictorial was held in conjunction with a competition where the winner would accompany Margolis to a party at the Playboy mansion.[5]

A portion of the sales of her issue went to her charity, the Cindy Margolis Get a Download of This Fertility Fund.[3] She was very proud to have posed, stating:

“ Me, of all people, the ultimate girl next door, the one who made it by not taking off her clothes. And now my crowning achievement is doing Playboy and being comfortable in my own skin.[3] ”

In spring 2006, Margolis was winner of NBC's Celebrity Cooking Showdown. She teamed up with renowed celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck to win both the first and final round.

In 2008 production began on new reality series "Sex and the Cindy", a dating reality show in which male contestants, aged 18-49,will battle to win the affection of Margolis. [6]

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) .... Fembot
Ally McBeal (1997) .... Herself
Chairman of the Board (1998) .... Tennis Instructor
The Cindy Margolis Show (2000) TV Series .... Host
Sol Goode (2001) .... Angie
Dead Above Ground (2002) .... Kari McClure Mallory



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