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Chloe Jones

Chloe Jones (born Melinda Dee Jones in Houston, Texas) (June 17, 1975 – June 4, 2005) was an American pornographic actress.

Melinda Dee Jones was raised in Silsbee, Texas. After graduating from Silsbee High School in 1994, she became a model and pornographic actress. Jones was the Penthouse Pet of the Month in April 1998 and crossed over into adult films in 2001, then retired from the adult industry in 2004. She performed in eighteen films during this time.[4] Jones had gained considerable fame as a nude model and was a well-known figure in the adult world at the time of her retirement.

Jones suffered multiple fractures to her arm in January 2000. She also reportedly suffered from epilepsy, however this is denied by her sisters as they claim that it was a move by her to gain attention.[citation needed]

After deciding to enter the hardcore porn industry, she signed an exclusive contract with adult film company New Sensations, followed by another contract with Vivid Entertainment in February 2003.[2] Neither association lasted very long (her contract with Vivid lasted just 5 months)[5], and rumors circulated about Jones' "difficult nature." She was allegedly released by Vivid for her use of prescription drugs; again, specific details are elusive.

Before Jones was able to make her comeback, however, her health began to fail. She died less than two weeks before her thirtieth birthday. The official cause was attributed to liver failure caused by years of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. She was addicted to the painkiller Vicodin. She would allegedly down 10 pills at a time and wash them down with Wild Turkey bourbon. In the end, Chloe Jones died in a charity hospital. She was buried at Woodlawn Garden of Memories in Houston, Texas.[6]

She is survived by three children: a girl, Chloe, (b. 1996) and twin boys, Tristan and Austin (b. 1997).

Concurrently with pornographic films, Jones worked as an escort prostitute.

In March 2005, Jones sold a story to the National Enquirer, claiming that Charlie Sheen was among her clients, and had paid her $15,000 for oral sex in January 2005. Sheen's agent disputed the claim, stating that Sheen had not seen Jones since 1996.[8][9]

After Jones's death, Sheen's wife, Denise Richards filed a restraining order against Sheen, stating in court papers that he did not deny involvement in Jones's death. In May 2006, American tabloid The Globe published an alleged interview with Jones' mother, named as Donna Jones, claiming that she was considering a wrongful death suit against Sheen, as Chloe Jones told her of receiving death threats. Donna Jones Noeller subsequently filed suit against The Globe, claiming she never gave the interview and the tabloid manufactured her statements.




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